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Shop Window installation for Elttob Tep Issey Miyake

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Elttob Tep Issey Miyake(銀座店)の為に製作した「Bao Bao Bag」を使ったインスタレーション。美しくデザインされた「Bao Bao Bag」が楽しそうに踊ります。

2011/4/20 〜 2011/5/18 (11:00-20:00) 開催

Elttob Tep Issey Miyake(銀座店)

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Twinkling Light with FujiFilm

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Infinitive Confetti Project

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smoke ring (Production Version)

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Japan Design Net (JDN)

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Toshiki Kiriyama of Trunk Design introduced Takeshi Ishiguro in Japan Design Net . Although it is written in Japanese, articles are very good, so you might want to visit it and run it through a translation site like Babel Fish.

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Happy New Year 明けましておめでとうございます

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Wonderful start of the year 2010.
I look forward to meeting new people, to working with the new and old friends and partners.

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Weight Less Dance(Final Edition) 無重力ダンス(完全版)

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Model Air Plane Robotic Marionette 自動操り模型飛行機

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August 15, 2009 8

Book of LIght ブック・オブ・ライト

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