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Smoke ring

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How it came to be

I cre­ated this  for the 50th anniver­sary event of the Inter­na­tional House of Japan in Rop­pongi.   I was inspired by the sites  large open space and beau­ti­ful Japan­ese gar­den to cre­ate some­thing not arti­fi­cial but will har­mo­niz­ing with that nature.   The beau­ti­ful autumn sky and that gave me an idea of empha­siz­ing that very sky blue.

What it does

Smoke rings pop out auto­mat­i­cally from a box  every 5 min­utes. The smoke shapes into a per­fect cir­cle first and gets trans­formed imme­di­ately depend­ing on the wind etc. When there is no wind, it goes straight up to the sky keep­ing its shape until it finally dis­ap­pears.  The smoke ring is capa­ble of shoot­ing into the sky about 50m if there is no wind. It’s very beautiful.


It all started when I was a child fas­ci­nated with my father spout­ing cigarette-smoke-rings.  So for this project, I exper­i­mented with a small box at home, and grad­u­ally enlarged its size.

There are many things inside this box.  A motor and many com­pli­cated things.  Great  pres­sure is cre­ated by motor col­lect­ing energy pumped into the hole.   Some kind of a whirlpool is then cre­ated which finally becomes a smoke ring.


If you are inter­ested in pur­chas­ing this “art” device, please e-mail me at

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