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Smoke ring

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How it came to be

I created this  for the 50th anniversary event of the International House of Japan in Roppongi.   I was inspired by the sites  large open space and beautiful Japanese garden to create something not artificial but will harmonizing with that nature.   The beautiful autumn sky and that gave me an idea of emphasizing that very sky blue.

What it does

Smoke rings pop out automatically from a box  every 5 minutes. The smoke shapes into a perfect circle first and gets transformed immediately depending on the wind etc. When there is no wind, it goes straight up to the sky keeping its shape until it finally disappears.  The smoke ring is capable of shooting into the sky about 50m if there is no wind. It’s very beautiful.


It all started when I was a child fascinated with my father spouting cigarette-smoke-rings.  So for this project, I experimented with a small box at home, and gradually enlarged its size.

There are many things inside this box.  A motor and many complicated things.  Great  pressure is created by motor collecting energy pumped into the hole.   Some kind of a whirlpool is then created which finally becomes a smoke ring.


If you are interested in purchasing this “art” device, please e-mail me at

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